Let's put an end to political dynasties

"The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law."

Will good shepherds run for public office?

Posted 2 months ago

19 July 2015
GOD’S WORD TODAY by Manoling V. Francisco, S.J.
The Philippine Star
Who then are the leaders who will be good shepherds, able to provide the basic needs of our people, whose platforms will spur inclusive growth, and whose programs will allow human flourishment? 

Kapatiran seeks nominations for candidates in 2016 elections

Posted 3 months ago

24 June 2015
Call for nominations 2016
The Philippine political situation has been spiraling from bad to worse and we, Filipinos, are betraying our country, our children and ourselves.  It is time to pull together, as one people. 

Panalangin para sa Bayan (Prayer for the Nation)

Posted 6 months ago

7 April 2015
Pagpalain nawa ang ating bayan. May our nation be blessed.


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Christian Education on Politics (Videos)

Posted 7 months ago

14 February 2015
Video Cover
“Philippine politics–the way it is practiced–has been most hurtful of us as a people.  It is possibly the biggest bane in our life as a nation and the most pernicious obstacle to our achieving of full human development.

Ang Kabataang Pilipino (Video)

Posted 7 months ago

11 March 2015
This 5-minute video is dedicated to the Filipino youth.

The role of the youth in nation-building occupies a central place. Youth are building
blocks of a nation.

Video: Political Dynasty and the People’s Initiative

Posted 2 years ago

21 March 2014
POLITICAL DYNASTY. Despite the Constitutional prohibition (Article II, Section 26), political dynasties have been a present staple in Philippine political arena. Many have pointed that such oligarchy is the root problem of all the corruption in government.

Political dynasties…how we can get it out of our system

Posted 2 years ago

People’s initiative: New people power?
Among the many innovations in the 1987 Philippine Constitution, one facet of the fundamental law stands out among the rest, and this is the right given to the people through people’s initiative – in the amendatory process of the Constitution (Article XVII, Section 2), and directly proposing and enacting laws or approving or rejecting any act or law (Article VI, Section 32).

Common good is common sense

Posted 2 years ago

common good is common sense-page-001 (1)
The common good is the “sum total of social conditions which allow people, either as groups or individuals, to reach their fulfillment more fully and easily.” (#74 Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World.)
“The principle of the common good, to which every aspect of social life must be related if it is to attain its fuller meaning, stems from the dignity and equality of all people.  

People’s initiative to end political dynasties

Posted 3 years ago


Politics: When God is at the center

Posted 1 week ago

24 September 2015
Excerpts of Pope Francis’ Speech to the Joint Session of the U.S. Congress
Each son or daughter of a given country has a mission, a personal and social responsibility.

Ph politics not a level playing field

Posted 4 weeks ago

8 September 2015
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Opinion by Reginald Tamayo
POLITICAL advertisements on TV and radio stations unmistakably signal that elections are near. But, sadly, experts say that under the law these are not deemed premature campaigning, considering that the personalities they are “selling” have yet to file their certificates of candidacy.

Meeting of the National Council of Kapatiran, 2 August 2015

Posted 2 months ago

2 August 2015
The Aristocrat
Jupiter Street, Makati City
NC Meeting_2 Aug 2015_1
NC Meeting_2 Aug 2015_2
NC Meeting_2 Aug 2015_3
A new set of officers was elected. For the update go to http://www.kapatiranparty.org/about-us/national-executive-committee/

Kapatiran at the 5th annual general assembly of CamsurNet

Posted 2 months ago

25 July 2015
Naga College Foundation
Naga City
The Camarines Sur CSO’s Network for Development, Inc. (CAMSURNET) is a non-profit, non-stock, non-partisan provincial network of development non-government organizations, people’s organizations and other civil society organizations founded in 2011.

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